Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Veggie & Herb Plants

Oh my gosh!!! Another month gone with no post. I know I said i was going to get more adoption information up here for anyone interested in the process of adopting through an agency. I haven't accomplished that yet, but I have to share our gardening adventure. I will get around to the adoption process!!

Well my last post was that we actually had plants from our seed plantings, you see this is significant for me, because I have never been interested in nor could I seem to get anything to grow!! Well....... My back deck is beginning to look like a JUNGLE....and for the first time in the five years we have lived here, I actually want to go sit on my deck, it's beginning to be the deck I envisioned when we built this house.

Not to mention that my daughter and my nieces are actually learning and seeing where vegetables come from. They are excited when we have a veggie to pluck and eat!!!

I'm getting into this container gardening so much I'm already planning next years crop, as we learn what does well, and what does not. I'm also REALLY getting into my herb garden, I want to learn so much more about herb gardening. For now we are reveling in the fact we actually grew something, and KEPT it alive!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

We have Plants!!

Remember our seeds we planted....well some have grown quite a bit and are planted in all sorts of containers on our back deck. These are pictures of our plants while they were still in the house growing. I'll have pictures of the deck with our many containers in a few days. I have to show you how these seeds took off and grew. I know you say 'isn't that what they are supposed to do?" Well yes. However with me in charge of them that is quite a feat. Some sadly did not make it, but a whole lot of them did. I've never been any good at growing things, my grandmother once gave me a house plant, and says to me "if you kill this one ~ something is wrong with you ~ because it would grow in a pile of rocks." Well needless to say it did not grow in soil at my house. I'm very neglectful at watering, and feeding, and re~potting. Thank God my daughter can say "mommy I want to eat!!!" or cry when she was little, when she needed things. Just kidding I don't THINK I would have forgotten to feed her............

Well here's the pics and I will post again soon, to show their progress. By the way my daughter absolutely LOVED helping me plant them in the bigger containers on the deck. I know she will be extremely excited when she can pluck off her very own ripe cherry tomato and eat it right off the vine!!! She loves tomatoes and cucumbers, and I'm hoping to instill a greater love of the other vegetables once she sees them growing and we can pluck them and eat them and WE GREW THEM!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010


Easter ~ here it is again. This will be our second Easter with our precious baby girl ~ only she is not such a baby anymore. She is a toddler moving on to an adult!! She is so grown up ~ she helps pick up her toys, she wipes up any thing she spills, she MUST go down the steps by herself, she MUST put on her boots by herself and all kinds of other things by herself. She is Miss independant. I love that and it's also a little sad.

I was thinking last night about all the wonderful memories of Easter I have from my own childhood. I remember going to my grandmother's for Easter dinner, the whole family would come, we would get to hunt Easter eggs, and there were always a lot of kids to play with. Sometimes we would go to the beach with my Great Aunt & Uncle, and my grandparents, they had a little place at the beach, and we'd spend our Easter there. The Easter bunny always knew where to find us. Easter always evokes renewed hope and feelings of everything is going to be alright. It always sunny and happy in my memories!! The word Easter brings up visions of church, bright colors, and sunshine, and this wonderful feeling of Resurrection. Flowers and trees are blooming after a gloomy winter, and things seem new again. I want my daughter to have wonderful Easter memories like I do. However, I've got to create our own new traditions because my grandmother has passed away and my family is spreading out and getting thinner. I'll admit I probably went overboard on the Easter basket this year, but I have a weakness for bright colored anything and candy goodies.! Is it overkill if she gets a chocolate bunny, a chocolate cross, and a chocolate duck?? I'm asking you ~ how do I decide which one?? I can''s a major weakness of mine..... maybe I need therapy....I want EVERY color of flower suckers there are, I want EVERY color of egg there is to have........I know she probably wouldn't know the difference, but I would. I can't help myself.... I just love a colorful, happy, sunny, Easter basket filled with beautiful, colorful, delights. I love the feeling it creates when you first look at it. It's delight, surprise, and excitement of new things all wrapped into one. I know Easter isn't about the candy and colors's about Jesus, and she will know that. But I want to know it wrong to associate Jesus with new, exciting, colorful, wonderful,
and family? I think not, you just have to make sure they understand that without Jesus ..... none of this would be possible.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Planting Time

Today my niece, my daughter and I planted some vegetable seeds for our container garden, that we hope to start in a couple of weeks. Every year I say I'm going to do this, and this year we actually got it started. Now ~ wish me luck in getting them to grow!! My grandmother's green thumb I did not get, but I'm hoping with age and a little luck, I can do this!! One ~ I think a vegetable garden in containers will be gorgeous on our back deck, and give my nieces and my daughter a chance to see where the vegetables in the grocery store actually come from. When I was younger we had to help my dad in the garden and when I went to my cousins house I had to help them in the garden, something I never enjoyed!! I am now wanting to know how to can veggies, and learn more how to raise our own and have them through the winter through freezing and canning. We are also planting a large garden, but I really want a container garden on our back deck also. The way prices are going up in the grocery stores for fresh vegetables that usually rot within' a few days, I feel like this is something we need to take on!! Wish us luck and I will keep you informed of how our veggies grow!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Soap Giveaway!!

Wow ! I can't wait to try the BIG SALT LICK BAR of soap created by Rebecca's Soaps. Ha ~ my name is Rebecca also, so I have to try it right? I'm hoping it will help my little girls few spots of eczema!! AND my extremely dry skin, due to my PCOS and diabetes!!!

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