Saturday, April 24, 2010

We have Plants!!

Remember our seeds we planted....well some have grown quite a bit and are planted in all sorts of containers on our back deck. These are pictures of our plants while they were still in the house growing. I'll have pictures of the deck with our many containers in a few days. I have to show you how these seeds took off and grew. I know you say 'isn't that what they are supposed to do?" Well yes. However with me in charge of them that is quite a feat. Some sadly did not make it, but a whole lot of them did. I've never been any good at growing things, my grandmother once gave me a house plant, and says to me "if you kill this one ~ something is wrong with you ~ because it would grow in a pile of rocks." Well needless to say it did not grow in soil at my house. I'm very neglectful at watering, and feeding, and re~potting. Thank God my daughter can say "mommy I want to eat!!!" or cry when she was little, when she needed things. Just kidding I don't THINK I would have forgotten to feed her............

Well here's the pics and I will post again soon, to show their progress. By the way my daughter absolutely LOVED helping me plant them in the bigger containers on the deck. I know she will be extremely excited when she can pluck off her very own ripe cherry tomato and eat it right off the vine!!! She loves tomatoes and cucumbers, and I'm hoping to instill a greater love of the other vegetables once she sees them growing and we can pluck them and eat them and WE GREW THEM!!!