Sunday, February 12, 2012

People ... just sayin'

Well ... here I am again.  I'm not to good at keeping this blog up am I?  Well,  I've got a lot going on and I forget to do this!!  
But I have to share this story with you.  

We go every year to the beach with my parents and they have some "friends" they've met in the many years they've been going.  Now the lady I'm going to tell you about is in this group of friends but obviously not a very close one. Okay here goes:

We go to a picnic at this particular place where they all gather to catch up on the years events for each other. We've been many times with this group, so I guess this is why this encounter took me by such shock! I just never know what to say when people say things to me (until after the fact) so anyway....
My husband was not with us on this particular trip he had to work and was coming down on the weekend,  so he wasn't with us at this at this picnic. My mother, my grandfather, my daughter and I are sitting there minding our own business catching up with friends,  and this lady, who is NOT new to this group, walks up.  Keep in mind my daughter is now 3 1/2 yrs old at the time this happened. This lady has seen her at least three times (once a yr for the last 3 yrs).  Okay,  so she walks up to me at the table while pointing her finger at my daughter who is eating her lunch beside her grandmother and her great grandfather,  and this lady says to me "Does she speak English?"   (Now we are a Caucasian family, but not albinos,  we've got a little Cherokee Indian in us, but my daughter is Hispanic/Caucasian) I look at this lady and I say "yes". 
***What I should have said "NOPE"***
She says "Well there's some Spanish in there somewhere,  where does it come from?"  I say "She's adopted and her birth father is Hispanic" 
***What I should have said is "The MILKMAN" And left it at that.  ***
I guess I'm just to honest and don't think to give people stupid answers when they clearly 
deserve them. 
I know so far this isn't too bad really,  but the fact that we've seen this woman for three years in a row, and I know she's seen all of us together including my husband and knows my family....well she should have known.  NOT that I mind telling anyone my daughter is adopted,  or telling her story,  but her last words really got to me ..... after a little further conversation with us..... nothing noteable I might add,  she turns to leave but before she does she says 

"Well speaking Spanish ought to 
come naturally to her."

Idiot woman.  

Fortunately my happy little girl was too busy chowing down on her SPAGHETTI that she didn't pay attention to this crazy woman!!  

Oh the crazy things people will say to  you:
Here's some doozies we've gotten:

"Will you tell her about her REAL mom?"
"REALLY...she knows she's adopted?"
"So .. you're NOT her mother and father."

I am sure there are more  I'll come back and post them as I remember them or get new ones! LOL
If you've adopted and have got some good ones people have said to you please tell us in a comment what they were!

I just wish people would think before they speak and how it will affect the people around them especially any children that may be around.