Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Checking In:

Okay time to make this blog what I meant for it to be in the first place!  A place to come and read about our adoption experience and experiences we have raising our adopted daughter!  I've added two tabs up top for you. One is about Open Adoption,  one is about Questions you might expect from your agency or home study agency. More tabs to come with different topics soon! 

Please note these are OUR experiences and you may or may not have similar experiences. If you are just starting out with the adoption process I hope this blog can be a place where you can come and read about some things that may be worrying you,  and hopefully put your mind at ease. I will periodically post about our own adopted daughter.(That's mostly what I've posted about in the past), however I really want to help couples who are considering adoption or are in the process see what they might can expect in the process.  Please feel free to email me questions about adoption experiences that you want to share or have questions about. I will answer them if I can,  or try to help you find an answer.  I do not know everything about adoption,  but I know how we felt during the process,  and would like to help ease your mind if I can!

I have also added two Face Book pages that I believe you should "like" and follow.  They have really good posts on adoption and you can see that you are not alone! You can find them in the right hand sidebar,  if you click the "LIKE" button it will take you to the actual face book page.

I have lots of plans for this blog,  so stay tuned for more,  and share us with your friends & family! Please use the tweet, and share buttons to help people find us! 

~ Becky