Monday, December 28, 2009

The New Year

Well, Christmas is over and the new year is about to start. I don't make new year resolutions, because I always end up breaking them. However there are some things I NEED to do different this year! I MUST get my diet and blood sugar under control. I don't want to be a burden to my baby girl one day. I MUST get busy on this blog, and provide you with the answers you need. I know those questions about adoption ! I hope to accomplish getting the actual forms and questions , procedures and so forth on here so that when you sign up for an adoption, maybe you won't be as lost as we were!!! I MUST get my jewelry business bringing in some steady income!! Okay, that's what I have planned. I'll have to check back here in a year and see how far I got! I would like to start a frequently asked questions section for this blog, so if you have any specific questions about adoption in general, please post them in a comment and I will begin answering and posting all questions, for everyone to see!!!

Hope your year is as wonderful as I FEEL like mine is going to be!!!

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  1. aw the picture is adorable, and I'm glad Sophie had fun!