Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Veggie & Herb Plants

Oh my gosh!!! Another month gone with no post. I know I said i was going to get more adoption information up here for anyone interested in the process of adopting through an agency. I haven't accomplished that yet, but I have to share our gardening adventure. I will get around to the adoption process!!

Well my last post was that we actually had plants from our seed plantings, you see this is significant for me, because I have never been interested in nor could I seem to get anything to grow!! Well....... My back deck is beginning to look like a JUNGLE....and for the first time in the five years we have lived here, I actually want to go sit on my deck, it's beginning to be the deck I envisioned when we built this house.

Not to mention that my daughter and my nieces are actually learning and seeing where vegetables come from. They are excited when we have a veggie to pluck and eat!!!

I'm getting into this container gardening so much I'm already planning next years crop, as we learn what does well, and what does not. I'm also REALLY getting into my herb garden, I want to learn so much more about herb gardening. For now we are reveling in the fact we actually grew something, and KEPT it alive!!!

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  1. everything is so green and pretty!