Monday, September 7, 2009

Just A Note....

My daughter told me yesterday that she loved me. Which I knew she did, every time she brings those little arms around my neck so tight and squeezes, it just warms me all over, but to hear her say it. AWESOME , whether or not she really understands it yet!!

I am her disciplinarian I am mainly the one who is always telling her no, and popping her little chubby hands if she is into mischief and I've already told her no. I worried that she would not like me, and like her daddy and granny more than me because they let her get away with a lot more than I do. I am trying to teach my beautiful baby to pick up her toys, stay out of mommy's cabinets, and not to touch other people's things, not to do things that will hurt her, and to listen to mommy, because after all mommy knows best!! Not that her daddy or granny would let her get hurt, but she gets away with a lot more than I let her! Which I am learning from other people this is the natural order of things!!

I see lots of children today who get away with everything because parents are so afraid to tell them "NO". All these new politically correct ways to correct your children. I watch children whose parents say "no', but don't follow through. The worst thing you can do to your child is make empty threats. You are teaching them you can't be trusted. If you won't follow through on discipline, then you won't follow through on much else. Children quickly figure this out. I never make a threat or promise I don't keep. I follow through no matter what. I want my daughter to know when I say something I mean it. That goes for rewards also. I want her to know she can trust mommy no matter what. Hopefully creating this bond now will help in her tween & teen years. I want her to know that she can trust me & come to me her problems.

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